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Acer palmatum 'Peve Starfish'

Acer palmatum 'Peve Starfish'

Japanese Maple

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This unique small tree lives up to its name! Peve Starfish features burgundy leaves with downwardly rolled leaf edges, making each leaf resemble a purple starfish. The foliage begins the year, a bright brick red. This darkens in summer, to provide a burgundy backdrop to continued red new growth. The colour crescendo ends in fall, in a blaze of crimson.



Hardiness Zone:  Zone 5
Light Requirements: Full Sun to Part Shade
Height: 1.8 m to 2.4 m
Spread: 1.0 m to 1.3 m
Soil Requirements: Average well drained, moist organically rich soils
Bloom Time Mid spring
Planting Time:
Use: Asian/Zen gardens, alpine/rock gardens, shrub borders, mixed borders
Flower Colour & Shape: Small inconspicuous pendant clusters of reddish flowers 
Foliage: Palmate, 5 to 7 lobed leaves , with convex leaf surface, and downwardly rolled edges.Young leaves are brick red, turning maroon with age, bright crimson in fall
Benefits: Unique texture, modest size, fall colour, rabbit resistant

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