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Asarum europaeum

Asarum europaeum

European Wild Ginger

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Hardiness Zone: Zone 4
Light Requirements: Partial sun, Shade
Height: 10 cm to 15 cm
Spread: 30 cm to 45 cm
Soil Requirements: Best grown in humusy, slightly acidic, consistently moist but well-drained soil.
Bloom Time Late spring to early summer
Small, greenish-yellow, bell-shaped flowers are usually insignificant as they bloom at ground level and are covered by the foliage
Foliage: Slow growing, creeping ground cover with glossy, leathery, dark green, heart-shaped leaves which remain evergreen in mild winters. Root has a mild, ginger aroma.
Landscaping Ideas:
Excellent ground cover for shady spots in woodland gardens, rock gardens, borders, banks and slopes.
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