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Astiliboides tabularis

Astiliboides tabularis

Roger's Flower

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 An exceptional plant for exotic foliage interest for moist shaded gardens, pond edges or along streams. Large, coarse textured, umbrella-like leaves may reach a diameter of 100 cm in ideal conditions. Makes a real statement when contrasted with finer textured plants.



Hardiness Zone: Zone 4 
Light Requirements: Part shade to full shade
Height: 90  to 120 cm
Spread: 60  to 90 cm
Soil Requirements: Rich, well drained but consistently moist soil
Bloom Time Early Summer
Planting Time:
Use: Bold foliage adds interest to woodland or streamside gardens
Flower Colour & Shape: Tall, drooping creamy white plumes
Foliage: Large circular platter like leaves
Benefits: Architectural foliage adds a tropical appearance  to the garden

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