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Carex conica 'Snowline'

Carex conica 'Snowline'

Japanese Sedge

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Carex conica 'Snowline' is an evergreen sedge that forms a low grasslike mound of narrow green leaves, each edged in silvery-white. Grown in the landscape for its ornamental foliage. It is slow growing in habit.



Hardiness Zone: Zone 5
Light Requirements: Partial shade
Height: 15-30 cm
Spread: 25-45 cm
Soil Requirements: Tolerates wide range of soil types and pH. Prefers organically rich, acidic, moist conditions.
Bloom Time: May
Flower: Purplish white, insignificant
Foliage: Arching, deep green leaves edged in silvery white
Landscaping ideas: Great as an edging plant, mass planting, or used in a rock garden. Also a good choice for a container.

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