Cladrastis kentuckea

Cladrastis kentuckea

American Yellowwood

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This medium sized North American tree, will be a beautiful and welcome addition to your garden. Long drooping panicles of intensely fragrant pea-like white flowers appear in May, against bright green compound leaves. Reliable yellow fall colour adds to the picture.



Hardiness Zone:  Zone 4 to Zone 8
Light Requirements: Full Sun
Height: 9.1 m to 15.2 m
Spread: 12.2 m to 16.7
Soil Requirements: Average moisture retentive well drained soils
Bloom Time Mid to late spring
Planting Time:
Use: Specimen tree, shade tree.
Flower Colour & Shape: Intensely fragrant pea-like white flowers in 20 to 35 cm long terminal drooping panicles
Foliage: Pinnately compound leaves, yellow green on emergence, turning bright green in summer and yellow to golden brown in autumn

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