Cydonia oblonga 'Giant of Zagreb'

Cydonia oblonga 'Giant of Zagreb'

Giant of Zagreb Quince

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'Giant of Zagreb' is a selection of the Common Quince that originated on the former nation of Yugoslavia, and is one of the hardiest cultivars available. This attractive shrub, to small tree produces highly aromatic large knobby pear shaped yellow fruit, that are slightly milder than other cultivars. Like all quince, these are ideal for use in making preserves, pies and tarts.


Hardiness Zone: Zone 5 to Zone 8
Light Requirements: Full Sun to Part Shade
Height: 3.6 m to 4.5 m
Spread: 2.7 m to 3.6 m
Soil Requirements: Fertile, moisture retentive, well drained acidic soils
Bloom Time Mid spring
Planting Time:
Use: Specimen shrub, hedging, orchard plant, shrub borders, edible gardens, pollinator gardens
Flower Colour & Shape: Showy, fragrant solitary pink to white five petalled blooms, to 5 cm wide, produce large, knobby pear shaped yellow fruit, edible after cooking
Foliage: Broadly ovate green leaves from 5 to 10 cm long, downy grey-green underneath. These turn rich yellow in autumn
Benefits: Edible fruit, beautiful flowers, fall colour, attracts bees and butterflies

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