Cotinus obovatus

Cotinus obovatus

American Smokebush

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Cotinus obovatus, also called American Smoketree, is a small, deciduous, rounded, tree or large, upright shrub. The smoketree gets its common name from the billowy panicles of spent flower heads which resemble puffs of smoke. Fall colour is typically excellent and can range from yellow and orange to red to burgundy.



Hardiness Zone: Zone 4
Light Requirements: Full sun
Height: 6-10 m
Spread: 6-10 m
Soil Requirements: Moist, well-drained soil. Prefers somewhat infertile soil.
Bloom Time
Planting Time:
Use: Use as an accent plant or massed.
Flower Colour & Shape:
Foliage: Oval, bluish green in summer. Excellent fall show in a variety of colours from yellow through burgundy.
Benefits: drought resistant 

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