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Cypripedium parviflorum

Cypripedium parviflorum

Yellow Lady's Slipper Orchid

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Hardiness Zone: Zone 3
Light Requirements: Partial sun
Height: 30 cm to 60 cm
Spread: 30 cm to 60 cm
Soil Requirements: Fertile, humusy, moist but well-drained soil
Bloom Time Late spring to mid-summer
Large, lemon-yellow pouch has red spots in the throat and is topped with green or brown petals that twist in spirals. Flowers are borne at the top of the stems, singly or occasionally in pairs.
Foliage: Clumping multi-stemmed native perennial. Each stem has 3-6, ovate, heavily veined, bright green leaves with fine hairs 
Landscaping Ideas:
Shady borders, woodland gardens, naturalized areas
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