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Delosperma x 'Jewel of the Desert Ruby'

Delosperma x 'Jewel of the Desert Ruby'

Ice Plant

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This 'Hardy Iceplant' is a mat forming perennial that comes to us from the highlands of South Africa. The carpet of small, succulent foliage covers itself in a closely held blanket of silky petalled, tricoloured, daisy-like flowers. Each starry bloom has a small yellow centre  surrounded by many petals that grade from white ,through yellow, to a prominent deep pink perimeter. Delosperma will appreciate excellent drianage to survive our wet winters. 


Hardiness Zone: Zone 5
Light Requirements: Full Sun
Height: 10-15 cm
Spread: 15-20 cm
Soil Requirements: Very well drained sandy soil
Bloom Time Early summer to mid fall
Planting Time:
Use: Rock gardens, rock walls, container plant, edging, groundcover
Flower Colour & Shape: Deep pink and white daisy-like flowers, with a yellow halo,and yellow centre.
Foliage: Fleshy mid green leaves
Benefits: Long bloom period, drought tolerant, deer resistant, attracts bees and butterflies

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