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Gentiana septemfida 'Bella Alpinella'

Gentiana septemfida 'Bella Alpinella'

Bella Alpinella Gentian

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This 2018 introduction is a select version of Gentiana septemfida var. lagodechiana, the Summer Gentian. 'Bella' is a true  blue sensation. Its neat, tidy growth habit, with upright stems insures that the sapphire blue, trumpet-like flowers, stand upright, for all to enjoy.A choice addition to rock gardens or near the front of the border.



Hardiness Zone: Zone 3
Light Requirements: Full sun to part shade
Height: 10 cm
Spread: 10 cm +
Soil Requirements: Evenly moist, well drained soils
Bloom Time Mid summer to early fall
Planting Time:
Use: Ideal for rock gardens, rock walls, crevice gardens, front of border, troughs, container plant, edging
Flower Colour & Shape: Sapphire blue, five petalled upward facing flowers
Foliage: Dense mounds of small, glossy, rich green leaves
Benefits: Neater growth habit, better flower presentation than species

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