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Gunnera manicata

Gunnera manicata

Giant Rhubarb

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Hardiness Zone: Zone 7
Light Requirements: Full sun, Partial sun
Height: 1.8 m to 3 m
Spread: 2.4 m to 4.2 m
Soil Requirements: Fertile, humusy, consistently moist to boggy soil. Will require a substantial dry mulch for winter protection, or roots should be lifted before first fall frost for storage in a cool, frost free location.
Bloom Time Summer
Tiny, reddish-green flowers in large, conical panicles. Flowers give way to reddish-green fruits.
Foliage: Large, clump-forming perennial with huge, puckered, palmately-lobed, prominently-veined, deep green leaves (up to 1.8m across)with round to kidney-shaped blades. Foliage supported by reddish, hairy, prickly stems 
Landscaping Ideas:
Mainly grown for its giant, distinctive leaves. Great for bog gardens, water gardens, pond margins. Make sure it has lots of space.
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