Ilex verticillata 'Jim Dandy'

Ilex verticillata 'Jim Dandy'

Canadian Holly (male)

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Winterberry, or Canadian Holly is a native deciduous Holly in Nova Scotia. Like all Hollies, male and female flowers are borne on separate plants, so if you want berries, this is your guy! 'Jim Dandy' is a dwarf male form of Winterberry. Although it won't produce any fruit, its extended bloom season will insure that nearby female plants set plenty of berries. One plant is adequate to pollinate up to ten female plants.



Hardiness Zone: Zone 3 to Zone 9
Light Requirements: Full Sun to Part Shade
Height: 90 cm to 180 cm
Spread: 120 cm to 240 cm
Soil Requirements: Average medium to wet acidic soils
Bloom Time Late Spring to Mid Summer
Planting Time: Spring
Use: Pollinator plant, shrub borders, hedges, waterside gardens, bog gardens, woodland gardens
Flower Colour & Shape: Inconspicuous greenish white flowers borne in the leaf axils
Foliage: Deciduous glossy dark green ovate toothed leaves, may turn purplish green to yellow in Autumn
Benefits: Dwarf size, pollinator plant, tolerant of wet sites and heavy soil

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