Malus 'Dolgo'

Malus 'Dolgo'


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Flowers, fruit, and fall colour... 'Dolgo' has it all. This crab apple has been in cultivation since the late 1800s, and is still going strong. The name means 'Long' in Russian, and refers to its fruit, longer than wide. It provides an early and profuse display of fragrant white flowers in spring, followed by edible and ornamental waxy red crab apples, that are high in pectin and flavour.



Hardiness Zone:  Zone 3 to Zone 9
Light Requirements: Full Sun
Height: 7.0 m to 8.0 m
Spread: 5.0 m to 6.0 m
Soil Requirements: Moist, well drained soils, adaptable to pH
Bloom Time Mid spring
Planting Time: Early spring to early fall
Use: Specimen tree, groves, orchard pollinator, fruit tree
Flower Colour & Shape: Fragrant five petalled flowers ,open from clusters of pink buds
Foliage: Glossy dark green ovate leaves, turn yellow to reddish orange in fall
Benefits: Multi-season interest, fragrant flowers, attracts bees and butterflies, edible fruit

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