Metasequoia glyptostroboides 'Miss Grace'

Metasequoia glyptostroboides 'Miss Grace'

Weeping Dawn Redwood

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'Miss Grace' is an unusual weeping selection of the Dawn Redwood. The fact that it is decidedly pendulous, works in its favour, allowing even small gardens to have their own Metaseqoia. This cultivar is usually staked to a minimum height before being allowed to develop on its own, forming a billowy pyramid over time.



Hardiness Zone:  Zone 4 to Zone 8
Light Requirements: Full Sun
Height: 80 cm to 150 cm
Spread: 100 cm to 125 cm
Soil Requirements: Moist humus rich soils, tolerant of wet soils
Bloom Time Non flowering
Planting Time: Early spring to early fall
Use: Specimen tree, rock gardens, patio gardens, waterside gardens
Flower Colour & Shape: Non flowering. Female cones are light brown, and 2.5 cm long
Foliage: Soft feathery fronds of light green needles emerge in spring, mature to dark green before turning red-bronze in fall
Benefits: Weeping shape, small size, slower growth rate than species

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