Miscanthus 'Giganteus'

Miscanthus 'Giganteus'

Giant Silver Grass

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There is some debate whether 'Giganteus' is a species or a hybrid. What is known is that it is a spectacular addition to the landscape. This plant evokes the tropics . Tall bamboo-like culms, clothed in broad green blades rise to impressive heights in a single season, and remain standing through the winter. Long,hot summers that extend into autumn may see silvery plumes emerge into the sky.



Hardiness Zone: Zone 5 to Zone 9
Light Requirements: Full Sun
Height: 250 cm to 300 cm
Spread: 90 cm to 120 cm
Soil Requirements: Average rich moist and well drained soils, adaptable to pH
Bloom Time Early to mid fall
Planting Time: Late spring to early summer
Use: Specimen plant,  accent plant, back of borders, waterside gardens, screening, cut/dried flowers, biomass production
Flower Colour & Shape: Pink feathery terminal plumes quickly fading to silver. Flowering depends on lengthy warm autumn temperatures
Foliage: Arching green blades, 3 cm wide, borne on sturdy bamboo-like culms. Foliage yellows and is dropped after frost
Benefits: Multi-season interest, rabbit and deer resistant, salt and drought tolerant, cut/dried flowers

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