Molinia arundinacea 'Skyracer'

Molinia arundinacea 'Skyracer'

Purple Moor Grass

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This striking ornamental grass seems to have two personalities. It spends the first half of the growing season as a rounded mound of wide, medium green cascading blades of grass. Once the need to bloom hits, flowering stems shoot skyward, more than doubling the height of the plant. These airy panicles dance in the wind. In autumn, the whole plant takes on a glowing golden orange hue before shedding its growth for the winter



Hardiness Zone: Zone 5 to Zone 8
Light Requirements: Full Sun
Height: 180 cm to 245 cm
Spread: 60 cm to 120 cm
Soil Requirements: Average well drained medium to wet acidic soils
Bloom Time Mid summer to early fall
Planting Time: Late spring to early summer
Use: Accent plant,waterside gardens, mixed borders, mass planting,  wildlife gardens
Flower Colour & Shape: Tall airy sprays of tiny brownish purple blooms, that age to golden orange by fall
Foliage: Wide arching medium green blades in a basal clump. The whole plant turns golden orange in fall
Benefits: Open habit, fall colour, fine texture, adds movement, tolerant of wet sites, attracts birds

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