Prunus dulcis 'Javid's Iranian Almond'

Prunus dulcis 'Javid's Iranian Almond'

Almond tree

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Disease resistant, cold hardy, self-fertile almond has amaretto flavoured nuts


Hardiness Zone: Zone 5 
Light Requirements: Full sun
Height: 3.5 m to 5 m
Spread: 3.5 m to 5 m
Soil Requirements: Deep, moderately fertile, well-draining soil. Keep well-watered for the first summer.
Bloom Time Late spring
Fragrant, white flowers with pink centres, followed by velvety, pale green drupes, maturing in the fall
Foliage: Pale green foliage
Landscaping Ideas:
Nut production, also useful in landscaping for attractive flowers and shape.
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