Quercus bicolor

Quercus bicolor

Swamp White Oak

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This eastern North American native tree makes for an ideal landscape specimen.The Swamp White Oak has glossy, deep green shallowly lobed leaves, with a powdery white underside. This excellent shade tree takes on golden yellow tones, with bronze and purple highlights in fall. 



Hardiness Zone:  Zone 3 to Zone 8
Light Requirements: Full Sun
Height: 15.0 m to  20.0 m
Spread: 15.0 m to 20.0 m
Soil Requirements: Rich, acidic moist to wet soils
Bloom Time April
Planting Time: Early spring to early summer, early fall
Use: Specimen tree, shade tree
Flower Colour & Shape: Insignificant yellowish green catkins
Foliage: Glossy dark green ovate leaves 12 to 17 cm long, with a pale grey underside These have five to ten shallow rounded lobes on each side.Yellow orange fall colour, with occasional purple tones.
Benefits: Good fall colour, attracts wildlife, tolerant of wet sites

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