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Rheum 'Canada Red'

Rheum 'Canada Red'

Canada Red Rhubarb

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Hardiness Zone: Zone 3
Light Requirements: Full sun, Partial sun
Height: 60 cm to 1.2 m
Spread: 60 cm to 90 cm
Soil Requirements: Grows best in fertile, evenly moist, well-drained soil.
Bloom Time Summer
Spikes of white flowers rise above the foliage.
Foliage: Clump forming perennial, producing thick, angular stems with large, heart shaped, green leaves that retain their colour throughout the growing season. This variety produces shorter, more slender stalks than other varieties.
Landscaping Ideas:
Usually grown on the edge of a vegetable garden so the roots remain undisturbed. Also looks great in a perennial border or flower garden for its unique foliage.
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