Saponaria ocymoides

Saponaria ocymoides

Rock Soapwort

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This native of southwestern Europe was awarded the RHS Award of Garden merit for good reason. It is an extremely hardy plant, and excellent candidate for rock gardens , rock walls and virtually any other area that needs a semi-evergreen trailing plant. In early summer, short sprays of pink flowers carpet the plant for up to three weeks, bringing in the bees and butterflies. Although unable to withstand heavy foot traffic, it can be used between stepping stones.



Hardiness Zone: Zone 2 to Zone 9
Light Requirements: Full Sun
Height: 15 cm to 23 cm
Spread: 30 cm to 60 cm
Soil Requirements: Average medium to dry slightly alkaline soils
Bloom Time Early summer
Planting Time: Early spring to early summer, early fall
Use: Rock gardens, slopes, rock walls, container plant, edging, groundcover
Flower Colour & Shape: Short sprays of small (1.3 to 2.5 cm) five petalled pink flowers
Foliage: Semi-evergreen oval greyish- green, slightly hairy leaves to 2.5 cm long
Benefits: Trailing habit, groundcover, attracts bees and butterflies

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