Sarracenia alata

Sarracenia alata

Yellow Pitcher Plant

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Native to Southeastern US


Hardiness Zone: Zone 6 (Zone 5 with protection)
Light Requirements: Full sun
Height: 30 cm to 90 cm
Spread: 30 cm to 90 cm
Soil Requirements: Consistently moist, one part peat moss to one part perlite or sand. Do not use fertilizers. Water with rainwater or distilled water only.
Bloom Time Early spring
Pale yellow or cream-coloured flowers on leafless stems.
Foliage: Tall, narrow, pitcher-shaped traps are yellow-green with red pinstriped veining. Mature tubes may be a deeper red.
Landscaping Ideas:
Water garden, bog garden, ponds and streams, containers. Great for trapping and killing insects.
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