Saxifraga x edithae 'Edith'

Saxifraga x edithae 'Edith'

Alpine Encrusted Saxifrage

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Saxifrages are perhaps the ultimate rock garden plant, and 'Edith' is a choice example of the genus. Tight rosettes of grey-green leaves look like they have encrustations of lime at the leaf margins. These grow into an expanding cushion that sends up many short pink tinted flower stems bearing charming pale pink to white flowers in early spring. 'Edith' is the first horticultural selection made of Saxifraga x edithae, chosen in 1915.



Hardiness Zone: Zone 5 to Zone 8
Light Requirements: Full Sun
Height: 5.0 cm
Spread: 8.0 cm
Soil Requirements: Sharply drained alkaline gritty soils
Bloom Time Early to mid spring
Planting Time: Mid spring to early summer
Use: Rock gardens, rock walls, crevice gardens, troughs
Flower Colour & Shape: Loose heads of white five petalled flowers on rosy pink stems
Foliage: Cushion forming tight rosettes of grey-green leaves edged with white lime.
Benefits: Unusual form, early bloom

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