Saxifraga paniculata 'Teckles'

Saxifraga paniculata 'Teckles'

Alpine Encrusted Saxifrage

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'Teckles' is a bit of a mystery. The jury is out on whether it is a selection of Saxifraga paniculata, Saxifraga cotyledon or a hybrid. What is known is that this small plant packs a big punch in alpine gardens. Lush, almost succulent-like rosettes of deep green foliage are outlined in a white encrustation, giving them an almost sculptural appearance. Tall upright branching sprays of beautifully speckled white flowers float over the foliage in late spring.



Hardiness Zone: Zone 2 to Zone 6
Light Requirements: Part Sun
Height: 5.0 cm
Spread: 15.0 cm
Soil Requirements: Sharply drained alkaline gritty soils
Bloom Time Late spring
Planting Time: Early spring to early summer
Use: Rock gardens, rock walls, crevice gardens, troughs
Flower Colour & Shape: Small yellow centred, five petalled white flowers, speckled with fine red spots, held on tall, upright branched panicles
Foliage: Tightly packed low rosettes of fleshy, tongue shaped shallowly toothed mid green leaves with lime encrusted edges
Benefits: Attractive foliage, floral display

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