Styphnolobium japonicum

Styphnolobium japonicum

Japanese Pagoda Tree

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When is a Japanese tree not a Japanese tree? The answer is "When it is the Japanese Pagoda Tree". This handsome native of China and Korea was introduced to the island nation hundreds of years ago, and is still found on temple grounds there. Its lustrous dark green compound leaves provide a perfect backdrop for cloud-like masses of fragrant creamy white flowers. Also known as the "Chinese Scholar Tree", it was formerly known as Sophora japonica.



Hardiness Zone:  Zone 4 to Zone 8
Light Requirements: Full Sun to Part Shade
Height: 15.2 m to 22.8 m
Spread: 15.2 m to 22.8 m
Soil Requirements: Rich well drained sandy loam
Bloom Time Mid to late summer
Planting Time: Mid spring to early summer, early fall
Use: Specimen tree, shade tree, pollinator tree
Flower Colour & Shape: Small, fragrant creamy white pea-like flowers in large branching terminal panicles. Persistent brown seed pods in winter
Foliage: Lustrous pinnate compound dark green leaves with 7 to 17 leaflets having a glaucous underside. No appreciable fall colour
Benefits: Late season bloom, fragrance, attracts bees and butterflies

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