Viburnum trilobum

Viburnum trilobum

Highbush Cranberry

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Viburnum trilobum is our native "Highbush Cranberry". Although not related to the true cranberry at all, its fruit is often used to make preserves with similar characteristics. This handsome shrub deserves a place in more gardens. Lacy white flat flower heads stand out vividly against the rich green maple-like leaves in spring. Each flower head is composed of a ring of large white sterile florets, surrounding many tiny white fertile flowers. Luscious pendant clusters of edible red berries are mature in late summer, hanging on the shrubs into the winter, providing a welcome food source for wild birds.



Hardiness Zone: Zone 2 to Zone 7
Light Requirements: Full Sun to Part Shade
Height: 2.4 m to 3.6 m
Spread: 2.4 m to 3.0 m
Soil Requirements: Acid to neutral moist, well drained soils
Bloom Time Mid to late spring
Planting Time: Mid spring to early summer, early fall
Use: Shrub borders, hedging, screens, butterfly gardens
Flower Colour & Shape: Broad, flat heads of lacecap-like flowers: tiny white fertile central flowers surrounded by larger showy sterile white blooms. Large pendant clusters of edible red berries mature in late summer, and are held into winter
Foliage: Three lobed, maple-like  green leaves that take on tones of yellow,red and burgundy in autumn
Benefits: Attractive flowers and edible fruit, deer resistant, attracts bees, butterflies and birds, excellent fall colour

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