Vitis 'Himrod'

Vitis 'Himrod'

White Seedless Grape

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'Himrod' is a seedless grape variety. It produces large clusters of white grapes early in the summer which eventually ripen to golden green in mid-August. Considered to be a good for fresh eating and for drying as raisins. This is a self-pollinating variety, so it doesn't require a second plant nearby to set fruit.


Hardiness Zone: Zone 5
Light Requirements: Full sun
Height: 4.5 m to 6 m
Spread: 60 cm
Soil Requirements: Medium moisture, well-drained soil / loamy, humus-rich, tolerates average soil but must be well-drained / not particular to pH or type
Bloom Time May to June
Clusters of fragrant, greenish flowers in spring are followed by clusters of white seedless grapes
Foliage: Deep green
Landscaping Ideas:
Good choice for attracting birds. Can be grown on fences, walls, trellises, arbors or other structures.
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